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Your Fitness & Karate FAQs answered by Sensei Dr. M.G.Prasad @ Zen Sports


I have injured myself while exercising. What should I do?

It is quite normal to injure yourself if you are into exercise. If the injury is fresh, apply a cold pack to the injured part of the body for about three days. After that, switch to a hot pack. Today a lot of gel packs are available with chemists that can either be cooled in the refrigerator or heated in a microwave.


Should you stop exercising while the injury is healing? Absolutely not! You need to make a proper rehab plan with the help of your trainer and work out. The good news is that your body will give you much more strength than you ever had to protect the injured part. So stop worrying start exercising again under proper guidance and you will come back stronger than before!


My back is very stiff. What can I do to relax?

Here is a simple exercise to relax your stiff back. When you wake up in the morning, lie on your back and slowly pull your right leg towards your chest and stretch back and then slowly pull your left leg towards the chest and stretch back. Repeat the same on each leg twice. Now bend your both knees and twist them to the left and right twice.  Be careful when getting up from your bed. First, turn towards your right side, and raise your upper half taking the help of your arms. Then swing your legs to the floor.


Some other tips to protect your back. It is better to push a heavy object like a chest of drawers rather than pulling it. Even when pushing, push with your arms. Never bend down from the waist to left a suitcase. Always bend your knees, grab the handle and then straighten your knees. Always lift with your legs rather than your back.


How can I become a certified Karate Coach?

Teaching requires passion. If you have the passion, then Zen Sports is the right place to learn the art and science of teaching. I have 24 years of teaching experience and am an accredited karate coach. I hold a Kumite License awarded by the World Karate Federation at Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015. I am the only certified Kumite coach license holder from Karnataka. I have created many Commonwealth champions, Asian Medalists and many KAI and State Level Champions.


I am not sleeping well. Would you have some suggestions to get better sleep?

If you don’t have time to sleep for the recommended 7 to 8 hours, don’t worry, I will teach you how to get a sound sleep for the limited time that you have. Before you sleep, please sit down just leaning in the bed with pillow support to the wall. If you have a book, please read or else you can just sit and meditate for a few minutes. When you are feeling sleepy, only then lie down. Now you directly go to superconscious mind and you don’t even get a dream. Now even if you sleep for 4-5 hours, this is equivalent to 7 hours. Make sure to set an alarm!


If you have any questions on Karate & Martial Arts, contact Sensei at

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