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Sharath Kumar Jango

Champion in Zen Sports & Fitness
Coach : M.G. Prasad, Zen Sports & Fitness, Bengaluru

Sharath, aged 23 has been practicing competitive Karate from the age of 12. Sharath, India’s No.1 Kumite Player in Sports Karate and presently ranked No.11 in the World under -75 Kgs Category of Men’s Kumite by the World Karate Federation is in the probable list of representing India at the Olympics 2020.

In the recently held Asian Games, 2018 at Jakarta, he was the sole representative for India in -75kg Kumite and was one of the only two athletes in Karate who were chosen to represent India. He is a National Gold medalist for the last 4 consecutive years, Commonwealth Gold Medalist during the year 2015 and South Asian Karate Championship -2016 Gold Medalist and has brought laurels to the country on many more occasions.

He has been a consistent performer and has a long list of achievements to his credit. His key achievements have been listed in chronological order below for your reference.

Roadmap to Olympics

  • Aim is to participate in the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo scheduled to start from 24th July 2020.

  • Sharat is currently ranked at 11 in the -75 kg Kumite in the Olympics standings of the World Karate Federation (WKF) list for the 2020 Olympics.

  • To qualify, athletes needs to be ranked in the Top 4 in WKF Tokyo 2020 list or ranked top 1 in Asian Karate Federation or within the top 3 in the Paris Tournament in 2020.

  • The WKF Tokyo 2020 rankings is based on the wins/participation in a published series of tournaments scheduled by the WKF over the next two years. The list of tournaments are provided below with weightage provided based on Tournament level.

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