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Street Survival Skills Training


Street Survival Skills Training is not a sport or a game. In Street Survival Skills, we totally focused on the most effective way to defend yourself in an extremely violent situation.


The main difference between Street Survival Skills and traditional martial arts training is that it quickly teaches you practical methods, instead of those old martial art techniques which usually take years of practice to effectively put together. You WILL have a Fighting Chance! The Best Self-Defense for Women Anywhere Around.

With the recent development in the different cities of India its imperative for all of us to be Physically Fit and know the basics of Street Survival Skills and techniques for Self Defence. Daily news in newspapers & televisions shows the number of crimes that are increasing at an alarming rate. Its not only in India but also in other countries.


It is important to train every woman in the societies with the woman Street Survival Skills to protect themselves.


We, Zen Sports and Fitness are conducting a 5 days Street Survival Skills Programme for Women. This will be a one-hour programme for 5 days. In this program, we teach the street survival skills. Dress code for women will be track pant and T-shirt or chudidar.


We have conducted similar programs in Symphony, Wipro, SSS and ISGN Novasoft, etc., to name a few.

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