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Sports Conditioning for Athletes


At Zen Sports & Fitness, in Sports Conditioning & Strength Training our primary goal is to improve athletic performance. Which usually means improving athletes’ speed, strength and power (although specifics vary according to athlete and sport).


The second primary goal is to reduce athletic injuries. To that end, Zen Sports & Fitness Trainers often design regimens to strengthen body parts that are prone to injury in a particular sport.


Our Specialist will develop systematic training programs for both teams and individual athletes, often working in close association with coaches. This usually includes teaching proper lifting techniques, supervising and motivating athletes as they work out, and assessing their performance before and after the program.


The nature of the sports conditioning program will vary depending on whether the sport is in season or not. This is because the role of every individual player will be different in every different game. Their power, strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and agility differs from position and from one player to another.


Our Master Fitness Trainer Dr. M.G Prasad will evaluate all these criteria’s based on the game and their role in the game, analyses athletes weakness and advantages based on his physical, mental, cultural and biomechanical aspects. A best suitable unique year-long developmental program will be prepared for the individual to reach his goal which will workout from season to season as well.

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