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Medical Rehabilitation Training



Our aim in this training program is to improve the physical fitness condition of the patient/athlete.


The Prehab training program is meant to prepare our bodies to move well and perform great. Prehab includes assessing how the body moves in order to effectively restore proper body mechanics and alignment in movement. Assessing movement paves way to selecting appropriate ‘Corrective Exercises’ that will bring an individual’s movement back to the intended natural design.

This involves many different techniques and exercises. However, the main focus of Prehab is on how to move well. Prehab training for general people will differ from an athletes sports Prehab training. And, again the Prehab for football will be different from Prehab for swimming.


The program will be customized and designed separately for every individual and athlete. This is because different muscles are involved in every different game that are prone to get injured. Like hamstring pull for a sprinter and a rotator cuff injury for a contact sport.


Hence, we analyze the muscles involved in his game and add more strength or will correct his biomechanics and minimize or prevent the injury as far as possible


Prehab exercises are designed to improve:

  • Alignment- Developing more efficient form in all movement.

  • Mobility – Restoring range of motion to one’s Movement Patterns.

  • Activation– Stimulating muscles groups that are essential to specific Movement Patterns.

  • Stability – Developing adequate support to maintain proper Body Mechanics while performing specific Movement Patterns.



Rehabilitation is the process to regain full function after an injury. This involves restoring strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, power, and proprioception. This is more specific to every sport and can be achieved with specific functional exercises and through various unique exercises and drills.


The aim of rehabilitation is to maximize the potential and to restore a person who has an impairment, or an incapacity for service or work, as a result of a service injury or disease.


These are common for a layman and a sports person. Anybody can get injured while walking, in accidents or while exercising in a gym or playing in a ground. Undergoing rehab process is most essential in the very early stage to prevent them to become a chronic injury. Getting an advice from a fitness trainer and following proper exercise routine and rest is very important for quick recovery.


The goal of Zen Sports & Fitness is to design a periodized program and heal these injuries and bring him back to the track!

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