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6 Week Body Transformation
through Weight Loss Exercise


This 6 weeks body transformation program is a unique program which is designed for individuals who wish to lose weight or gain weight, look good and fit. In this program, you can lose up to 15kgs in 6 weeks.

Batch Timing:
5:30am – 6:30am
6:45am – 7:45am
7:00pm – 8:00pm


Our Approach :

  • We conduct an assessment program before starting the training. The assessment is conducted to check your body fat percentage, strength, flexibility, body circumference, your current food habits and social lifestyle.

  • After knowing the above parameters, we prepare a personalized diet chart which suites you. This chart will be reviewed every week and modify if needed.

  • In 1st week, the body transformation program starts with Aerobics, which is light intensity program to make the body flexible. After your body becomes flexible, we give little higher intensity programs – Cardio Kick Boxing & Sports Training.

    • On every alternate day, we give intensive weight training to improve your body strength.

    • If you have any knee/back injury or diabetic, everything will be taken care.


Expected Outcome :

  • On following our instructions in this body transformation program, a reduction 5% to 6% of the body fat can be expected within 6 weeks.

  • As per this fitness standards in the average weight loss that is possible to achieve are

    • For women – 8Kg to 10Kg

    • For men – 10Kg to 12Kg


Our Trainers :

All our expert trainers are trained by Master Fitness Trainer Dr. M.G. Prasad, who can pay individual attention to ensure you gain maximum in the shortest time. You can take the maximum support of the trainer and lose weight.


Our Master Fitness Trainers Dr. M.G. Prasad will monitor every participant for the perfection, give personal counseling if needed and encourage for practicing.


Program Cost :

Fee for the first inaugural batch of this 6 weeks body transformation program is INR 20,000 with a money back policy. Here, for every Kg of weight you lose in this program, you will get INR 1,000 as money back.


Eg. if you lose 10kg of weight in 6 weeks, you will get INR 10,000 as money back and your effective program cost will be only INR 10,000 only.

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