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Personal Fitness Trainer


Personal Fitness Trainers help you in achieving your goals easily without any side effects. We look at your current levels of fitness and provide you with the best workout plan which can help you go to the next level.

We offer Personal Fitness Trainer Courses at Zen Sports & Fitness located at Basavanagar, Bengaluru

Course Content :

  1. Body Fitness and Fitness Principals – Overload, Recovery, Progression, Individuality, Specificity, and Variety.

  2. Foundation – Human Anatomy, human physiology (Major Organs and their functions), sports injury management, energy balance, health screening, food exchanges and diet planning.

  3. Nutrition and Body Weight Management – Macronutrients & Micronutrients and their digestion, Childhood obesity, FAD diets, eating disorders and behavior modification, nutrition label reading, bariatric surgery, Diet prescription.

  4. Sports Nutrition – Energy systems, nutrition and hydration, supplementation (Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, Caffeine etc), Advantages and Disadvantages of Anabolic Steroids.

  5. Body Fitness Testing and Weight Training – Push up test, one-minute crunch test, 3 minutes stepper test or 1-mile walk and run test, zipper stretch test and Whole body weight training exercises.

  6. Aerobics Training –

    • Aerobics exercise theory

    • Aerobic warm up and stretches

    • Discussion and practice of x-step, v-step, A-step, Grapevine, Charleston Moves

  7. Yoga Training –

    • Practice and master of yoga techniques in a traditional way

    • Discuss yogic philosophies – Understand the yogic approaches to body, mind and beyond

  8. Martial Arts –

    • Discussion of various types of martial arts and techniques

    • Basics and working methodology of Karate

  9. First Aid & CPR Training –  Teaching First Aid for Heart Attack, Snake Bite, Burning etc.,


Monitoring during the course

  1. Trainees would be given a revision test every day at the end of the class (oral and written)

  2. Trainees will be encouraged to Debate about the course in the class hours

  3. Marks log of all the trainees will be maintained

  4. Extra effort would be taken to clear doubts even after class hours


After Completion of the Course

  1. The trainer will be able to master basic fitness moves (ex: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses etc)

  2. Will have sound knowledge about forms of exercises and techniques

  3. Will be able to customize, structure and execute fitness programs

  4. Will be able to design basically diet routine

  5. Will be able to analyze and assist in common sports injuries

  6. Will have working knowledge in advanced fitness machines


Training Splits for the course period (66 Hrs)

  1. 50 Hrs of Fitness Practical and Theory

  2. 4 Hrs of Diet Planning and Nutrition

  3. 4 Hrs of Aerobics and Zumba Training

  4. 4 Hrs of Yoga Training

  5. 2 hrs of first and injury management

  6. 2 hrs of flexibility training

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