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11 Tips for improving Stamina

There is a saying - "Athletes are Born. They are not Made". Most of the time it is true but not for all the cases. Some of the athletes are really made with hard work and are not just born.

To become an athlete, three things are important...

  1. Nutrition & Diet

  2. Rest

  3. Training

All the three are equally important!

When we speak about Training, there are different aspects which need equal importance to each, which are strength, power, endurance & skill. To become the best athlete, he should undergo skill training, speed training, power training and endurance training. At Zen Sports & Fitness, we provide training to improve athlete stamina under the guidance of Master Fitness Trainer Sensei Dr. M.G. Prasad

It is very necessary to give equal importance to each of the above training. For e.g., if the athlete has very good skills and low in power, speed and endurance, he cannot perform well. And vice versa. Similarly, Diet & Rest also plays a very important role in performance.

To improve the stamina, the athlete should workout on both strength and endurance. The Strength-Endurance will be different for each game. Because every game requires different kind strength & skill.

Here are few tips to improve stamina

  1. Long Run: Running helps to build stamina. It should be implemented level by level

    • Level 1: 30-45 minutes of easy jog

    • Level 2: Jog and Run

    • Level 3: Run

    • Level 4: Run & Sprint

    • Level 5: Sprint

  2. Exercise on cardio machines help you improving your lung efficiency

  3. Swimming can help you improving your lung efficiency & muscular endurance

  4. Adjust the diet before and after the training and ensure you have a good nutrition and diet plan

  5. It is suggested to eat properly 30 minutes before training. Banana, bread with peanut butter are best foods to eat before training. This foods supply good energy with adequate carbohydrates

  6. After finishing strength training, it is suggested to eat some high glycemic foods like two slices of bread or ripen fruits along with a good amount of protein like protein shakes. This restores the lost energy during training

  7. Sports drinks will help only during training and not all the time

  8. Resistant training in the gym can help in improving muscle mass, which is very essential for strength

  9. When competitions are nearing, it is better to stop weight training and continue training only with resistant bands

  10. Two days of rest in a week is vey important to rebuild the muscles

  11. Drinking a tender coconut daily during instance training can prevent the imbalance of potassium and sodium

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