Karate Training

Karate is all about discipline! Karate Training needs first to training your mind and strengthening your body. It’s incredibly easy to start.

Martial Arts or Karate Training is excellent for people of either sex and for all ages. Women will learn an effective self-defense that can be used against an opponent who might be larger and stronger than themselves. It helps take off unwanted inches while toning the muscles through a fun and worthwhile learning experience.

For children, Martial Arts teaches self-defense while improving coordination. Many children’s doctors and psychologists recommend a program in the Martial Arts to correct childhood problems. The lessons a child learns will have a direct effect on the rest of their life.

Why join us?

At Zen Sports & Fitness Center we ensure to provide the best training to every individual by expert trainers. We also provide Group Training & Personal Training sessions

Group Training

At Zen Sports & Fitness, Group Fitness Class participants can get an amazingly intense workout in a small group setting. Feeling as though you have a personal trainer helping you through the workout, this class provides great instruction along with a small group (Max 5-6). This is to help and encourage each other to work as hard as you can!

It is a great way to help in toning your body as well as getting direction and instruction on what workouts are best for you. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, our Group Fitness Class delivers an exercise experience that will elevate every participant’s overall health and fitness. We also ensure to provide a motivational atmosphere that drives you to consistency and success.

Our group fitness classes uniquely integrate interval training techniques with compound sports-related movements in an unparalleled inspiring exercise environment. As every individual goal and medical issues will be different, Our Expert Trainers will provide different exercises to every client, based on their capabilities.

Our Trainers will be motivating each one of them to reach their goal and overcome from pains, aches and help them to rehab their medical issues. In every group fitness class, we have a unique blend of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, strength training, core training and flexibility exercises to address one or more primary fitness components. Secondary components include factors such as balance, coordination and stability.

Personal Training

In today’s modern age, people’s work is more sedentary but the desire for a healthy lifestyle is at its peak. Personal Fitness trainers are important to achieve fitness goals.

In Zen Sports & Fitness Personal Fitness trainers stay on top of health trends. We will help the client unleash unlimited potential to achieve their goals. The trainers are well-versed in the techniques and strategies which are appropriate and applicable to achieving a health goal.

In our Personal Fitness program, each client will undergo evaluation by the Master Trainer Dr. M.G. Prasad. Mr. Prasad plays very important role as nutritionist, health adviser, exercise expert and lifestyle consultant. He assess the clients fitness level including their total body fat percentage, BP, Pulse, upper body strength and endurance, lower body strength and endurance, upper and lower body flexibility, core strength, body balance along with his/her medical issues.

Based on their goals and medical issues he will be designing his/her exercise routine/fitness regimen, their diet, nutritional requirements and develops a tailored plan. These fitness regimens will be carried over by our expert Personal Fitness Trainer and will hold you accountable to taking care of yourself nutritionally, physically with your overall health to develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals.

Every two months once, the master trainer Mr. Prasad will evaluate their progress and makes a new workout and diet routines.

“ I just wanted to send you something. After all, the ZEN Sports & Fitness is one of my favorite places to be. And before I forget, I found my Black belt.”

– Naveen

“ I just wanted to send you something. After all, the ZEN Sports & Fitness is one of my favorite places to be. And before I forget, I found my Black belt.”

– Naveen

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